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Why Cabo

Because Cabo has it all!

Weather. Beaches. Leisure. Activities. Accessability.

Located at the tip of Baja California, Los Cabos refers to the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, located about a one hour drive from each other along the Baja coastline.

Cabo San Lucas is the very tip of Baja California, and the location of the spectacular and famous landmark “Lands End” rock formation often pictured in travel photos.

Cabo boasts an unmatched selection of options for the traveler. From absolute peace and quiet (except for ocean waves) to an active night life, Cabo has something for everyone, young or old . . . Beaches . . . Breathtaking Scenery . . .Golf . . .Fishing . . . Horseback riding . . .Restaurants . . . Night Clubs . . .Excursions . . .Beach Life . . .Water Sports . . .

it’s always warm and sunny in Cabo, with less than two weeks of rain annually. A jet set hot spot because of its location, many options, and clean and beautiful setting, Cabo attracts celebrities and the rich and famous, as well as those just looking for a great vacation.

Whatever you may want from your vacation, you’ll find it in Cabo.

01-golfGolf? Come to Cabo for Golf. Cabo has golf courses, with courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tom Weiskopf Tom Fazio, and Robert Trent Jones II. Playing golf in Cabo is a pleasure that should not be missed. Imagine Scottsdale on the water! The courses offer ocean views and ocean holes, mixed with desert vistas. Pack your clubs or rent them at the course, bring your best golf swing, and enjoy the golf experience of a lifetime.

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Fishing in Cabo

Fishing? Come to Cabo for fishing. It is not by a fluke that Cabo San Lucas hosts the renowned Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament. Fishermen will enjoy the some of the greatest sport fishing in the world off the Cabo coast, in either the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific. Cabo is famous for Marlin fishing. The Cabo Marina is one of the world’s best, a beautiful location, with every possible sport fishing option available. Hook up with a private charter or a party boat.

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23-nightlifeFamily Fun? Come to Cabo to relax, soak up the sun, or just have fun. Every member of the family will find something to do in Cabo. Swim, surf, snorkel, build a sand castle, parasail, pleasure boat, swim, surf, or take out a waverunners Tired of ocean and sun, there is shopping, restaurants and night life. Want some action? There is zip-lining, dune buggies, cross-country excursions, and horse back riding. Or just relax in the sun and do nothing . . .

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Cabo Weather? Come to Cabo for the Weather.

Average Weather in Cabo Area

Month Highs Lows
January Mid-70s Mid-60s
February Mid-70s Mid-60s
March High-70s Mid-60s
April Low-80s Mid-60s
May Low-80s High-60s
June Low-80s Low-70s
July High-80s Mid-70s
August Low-90s High-70s
September Low-90s High-70s
October High-80s Mid-70s
November Low-80s Low-70s
December High-70s High-60s

Cabo Beaches?

Come to Cabo for the beach life. The many white sand beaches of Los Cabos offer a wide variety things to do, from relaxing in peace and quiet to entertaining yourself in bars and restaurants. There’s surfing, snorkeling, diving, jet skis, parasailing, and tanning to be had here.

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Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, or “Los Cabos” (the Capes) offers the perfect combination of easy access, beautiful weather, fantastic scenery and options galore.

If this will be your first visit, you will be yet one more person that wants to return to Cabo over and over. From Cortez or the pirates of old, to the movie stars of today, Los Cabos has been the place to be for a long time.