Weather Report

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Cabo is desert on the Sea. The climate is arid with lots of sun. During the high season, October to April, the temperature averages 80 daytime and 60’s nighttime.

Average Weather in Cabo Area:

Month Highs Lows
January Mid-70s Mid-60s
February Mid-70s Mid-60s
March High-70s Mid-60s
April Low-80s Mid-60s
May Low-80s High-60s
June Low-80s Low-70s
July High-80s Mid-70s
August Low-90s High-70s
September Low-90s High-70s
October High-80s Mid-70s
November Low-80s Low-70s
December High-70s High-60s

The Pacific side of Cabo is generally about 10º F. cooler than the Sea of Cortés side.