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After you retrieve your luggage, you will have to pass your luggage through a scanner. One person in your group will also push a button (it looks like the walk/don’t walk button). If it is green, you keep going. If it is red, your baggage will be searched.

After customs, you will be met by a hoard of persons trying to sell time shares. They will tell you anything to get you to stop. Some will even tell you that you must stop and show them your passport of travel papers. You do not have to. Some will ask you where you are going or what your travel arrangements from the airport are. No matter how you answer, they will tell you they are the person that does that. Unless you want a time share presentation, ignore (politely) all of them until you get outside. Once outside, all the real travel persons are there, usually with signs or shirt tags.

All of the major car rental companies are at the airport. Representatives of the car rental companies are outside the exit door with shirts or signs.

Taxi Cabs are also waiting outside the exit door. Get a quote before you take the Cab. Most of the Cabs use the toll road and pay the toll for you. Some don’t. Ask if the Cab will be taking the toll road and make sure they will pay the toll (its not much though). The toll road is clean, smooth, and the fastest route.
You can also pre-arrange for a private or shuttle transfer, or limousine.