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The full list of allowable items is listed on the customs entry form.
In general, you can bring:

  • Personal Luggage: including items for personal use such as clothes, footwear, personal hygiene and beauty items
  • Two cell phones or pagers
  • Two cameras and twelve rolls of film or videotapes
  • Three surfboards; four fishing rods; a pair of skis
  • One used or new laptop, one used or new printer, one projector
  • Two used or new items of sports gear
  • One CD player or portable music player, one DVD player
  • One musical instrument
  • Twenty packs of cigarettes and twenty-five cigars OR 200 grams of tobacco
  • Three liters of liquor, three liters of wine
  • Other items are subject to tax over a certain amount, which various by time of year (more is permitted at holidays so that gifts can be imported).
  • Guns are not permitted
  • Prescription drugs are permitted with support documentation which proves a medical need. The documentation should include the patient’s name and a description of the medication.

Visit the Mexican Customs Web site at for more details.