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Too many to list.

The first thing to think about is the pace of things. Everything is sloooower outside of the US mainland. If you are in a hurry, don’t leave the US mainland.

In Mexico, it is not customary to bring you a restaurant tab until you ask for it.

It is customary to tip gas station attendants, but only a small amount as in “keep the change” (like at Starbucks, for some of you). On the other hand, it is customary not to tip cab drivers in Mexico, but the cab drivers in Cabo are used to it because of all of the Americans that go to Cabo.

There are some odd driving practices in Mexico, like the left turn lane being on the right.

Bargaining to buy things is expected here, with some exceptions like restaurants and shopping in the mall.

You will see children selling small items like gum. The locals do not like you buying from them because they are usually being “run” by an adult such that they are typically being taken advantage of.